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OBS – Banking System Project Proposal 

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Project Name:
Online Banking System - OBS.

Project Members:

            This project is done in a group of two people. Project members are.

  1. Atanu Maity

Problem Statement

            The banking industry is witnessing a revolution in products, process, markets and regulations. And It’s a revolution that is not about to stop or even slow down. Since the only option is to adapt and evolve, it is essential that system have the flexibility to quickly adjust the need of today’s financial market.  It’s a tough challenge. Because today’s fast-moving marketplace is also extremely competitive. Moreover, the need to retain existing customers and attract new ones often conflicts with the need to reduce costs and improve the efficiency. But whatever the challenges facing in retail banking operation, Online Banking System - OBS can help to meet and overcome them.

Why OBS?

            OBS offer flexible, client-server technology based on a scalable system. Its centralized, customer centric design to offers a complete set of integral retail banking modules sharing a user-friendly interface. Online Banking System - OBS is developed for automate the process of day to day transaction of any bank; it has all the features need to operate the banking procedure. The system can be used to create new customer, modify details, deposit and withdraw the amount from his / her account.

Project Scope:

From an end-user perspective, the Online Banking System Project consists of two functional elements: Customer transaction module and Employee transaction module.

Customer Transaction Module

An enhanced atomized system is developed to maintain customer transaction. Features includes


  • Creation of new banking customer
  • Customer type – Current Account, Savings Account, Fixed Account
  • Customer Creation Form.
  • Existing customer details
  • Customer Access Form
  • Each customer login identified by Access Code and Account No.
  • Banking Main menu option like.


Transaction – Debit, Credit, Transfer

Customer Detail – Modify Details, Lock Customer.
        Freeze/Unfreeze Account
        Help – User Manual.


  • Transaction Summary
  • Account Closing



Employee Transaction Module

An enhanced atomized system is developed to maintain employee transaction. Features includes


  • Customer Details
  • Transaction Report


Software Requirements:

  • VB 6
  • MS Access

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Preferably 2.0 GHz or Greater.

RAM      : 512 MB or Greater.

Limitations of the Software:

  • Many of the users can access at a time.
  • Security system can increased more efficiently.
  • Cost effective.
  • Many different organizations can use this system.


Future Enhancements:

This project was developed to fulfill user requirement; however there are lots of scope to improve the performance of the Online Banking System in the area of user interface, database performance, and query processing time. Etc.


So there are many things for future enhancement of this project. The future enhancements that are possible in the project are as follows.



  • Linking and integration of any legacy system for accounting.
  • Integration with other bank and government agencies through Web Services
  • Connection to third-party OLAP applications
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system for ATM machine
  • Web Interface for net banking.
  • In the area of data security and system security.
  • Provide more online tips and help.





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