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Multiple roles that Leaders play - an overview (MBA - General Management)


MBA Project Type: General Management

ID: 1162

Description: Leaders are often independent, driven and confident. And because an employee’s job is about convincing people to do what he wants, he'll probably see through any attempt to manipulate him. As a result, Leaders are especially difficult to manage. Effective Leadership management requires a slightly different approach from management in other departments. Managers are often in a middle management position, with Leaders reporting to them and other managers or executives above them in the corporate structure. Leadership is about being responsible and allowing the customer to have control of a conversation. When we allow customers to have control of a conversation, it allows us to learn far more about the customer than when we try to show up and throw up. This project report aims at understanding the most vital aspect of multiple roles that every leader plays. Today every organization is into some kind of goods, idea or services. As such, we need to appreciate the system that runs the life of these firms with its person, which is also a very important part of the marketing of products in companies.

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Can be used in: General Management

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