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YCMOU MBA Project and Synopsis

YCMOU - Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University - MBA Project

Download YCMOU projects, download Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University MBA project synopsis and project report in MS Word (.doc, .docx) format from readymadeproject.com YCMOU Final Year Project Topics, Ideas. Download YCMOU MBA Project Proposal, Abstract, Synopsis, Project Report for Final Year Student as per YCOMU University Guideline and Formats. IT/ system, HR, Marketing, Finance, Operations. Latest MBA Project Topics for Final Year Student of YCMOU.

YCMOU MBA Project Formats

YCMOU Project Synopsis Format

  1. Introduction
  2. Importance and Significance of the Study
  3. Rationale
  4. Objectives
  5. Hypotheses
  6. Research Methodology
  7. Expected contribution
  8. Chapterisation
  9. Bibliography
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YCMOU Project Report Format
  1. Introduction of Study
  2. Importance of Study
  3. Industry Profile
  4. Organization Profile
  1. Introduction
  2. Past Studies
  1. Research Design
  2. Types of Data
  3. Methods of Data Collection
  4. Hypothesis

Click here to download YCMOU Project Report Template

YCMOU MBA Project Topic List

Latest YCMOU MBA Finance Projects
YCM001 - Study Design and Development of a Financial Accounting System.
YCM002 - A Study of Dividend Practices in Selected Companies of Birla Group
YCM003 - Financing Through IFCI and ICICI - A Comparative Study.
YCM004 - A Study of Training Effectiveness in Maharashtra Zone of UCO Bank.
YCM005 - A Study of Credit Cards In Indian Scenario.
YCM006 - Voluntary Disclosure Practices in India (with Spl. reference - industry).
YCM007 - Effectiveness of Financial and Non-financial Incentives as Motivators
YCM008 - Dividend Policies and Practices - A Case Study of Selected Companies in Textile Industry.
YCM009 - Functional Analysis and Comparative Study of IDBI with other DFLs.
YCM010 - Turnaround Mgt. in Public Sector - A Case Study.
YCM011 - Study of Working capital management at ABC company ltd.
YCM012 - Comparative study of identified schemes of ABC & XYZ mutual funds.
YCM013 - Critical study of non-performing assets of ABC co-op. Bank ltd.
YCM014 - Comparative study of selected schemes of ABC Mutual fund and XYZ mutual fund ltd.
YCM015 - Comparative study of capital structure of ABC co. ltd. & XYZ co. ltd.
YCM016 - Investment vs Savings
YCM017 - Study on Indian Banking System (MBA Finance)
YCM018 - Financial planning for salaried employee and strategies for tax savings
YCM019 - A study on perception of investors investing in life insurance
YCM020 - A study on whether taxation is a selling tool for life insurance (MBA Finance)
YCM021 - A survey on the preference of salaried class on various investment options available (MBA Finance)
YCM022 - Investment in Tax Saving products-an overview (MBA Finance)
YCM023 - A study on investment pattern and preference of retail investors (MBA Finance)
YCM024 - A study on investment options and investors attitude towards investment in private insurance companies (MBA Finance)
YCM025 - An analysis of various investment avenues with special reference to mutual funds (MBA Finance)
YCM026 - A study on factors affecting customers preference towards life insurance policies
YCM027 - Systematic Investment Plan as a stability builder for Retail Investor (MBA Finance)

Latest YCMOU MBA HR Projects
YCM028 - Labour welfare and social security measures with special reference to "M/s JCT Ltd."
YCM029 - Study of labor welfare initiative at ABC company ltd.
YCM030 - Critical study of Absenteeism at ABC Company Ltd.
YCM031 - Critical study of employee's satisfaction at ABC company ltd.
YCM032 - Critical study of voluntary retirement scheme launched by ABC company ltd.
YCM033 - Critical study of employee training and performance appraisal system at ABC Co.ltd.
YCM034 - Critical study of recruitment process followed by ABC company ltd
YCM035 - A study to analyse the effect of implementation of 360 degree performance appraisal technique
YCM036 - Training and development
YCM037 - Awareness and effective utilization of ESI benefits
YCM038 - A study on satisfaction level of employees with special reference textile industry
YCM039 - A study of exit interview in relation to employer branding
YCM040 - Satisfaction level of the employees on the various welfare facilities provided by ABC industries
YCM041 - A study on performance appraisal of an employees at “Company”
YCM042 - A Study on Organizational Culture and it’s Impact on employees’ behaviour
YCM043 - A study on identifying awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top B’ schools
YCM044 - A study on training and development of executive in the Himalaya drug
YCM045 - Impact of intra organisational relationship on organisational effectiveness at Company
YCM046 - A study on employee morale at Company
YCM047 - A study on the effectiveness of performance appraisal in managerial employees of a Bank
YCM048 - A study of labour welfare measures at SAIL

Latest YCMOU MBA Marketing Projects
YCM049 - Assessing Market Opportunity for Introducing "Erasable Optical Disk - Computers" to the Indian Market.
YCM050 - Consumer Behaviour and Consumption Patterns
YCM051 - Consumer Survey for Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate (CDS).
YCM052 - Market Analysis of Wrist Watches.
YCM053 - Consumer Behavior and Life Style Marketing with Purchase Process and Post-Purchase Behaviour.
YCM054 - Entrepreneurial Competence as determinant of Entrepreneurial Success - Indian Context.
YCM055 - Study of Administered Pricing in An Oil Refinery.
YCM056 - Study of consumer behavior for petroleum products in ABC city.
YCM057 - Study of promotional schemes for 'A' product launched by ABC company ltd.
YCM058 - Study of product positioning strategy adopted by ABC Company in XYZ city.
YCM059 - Critical study of expectation of Cell phone holders from the instrument manufacturers.
YCM060 - A study on general awareness on non-life insurance policies
YCM061 - A study on the perception of home insurance customers towards advertising at ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd
YCM062 - A study on customer experience management - CEM in personal loan
YCM063 - A study to evaluate the banking services provided to SME customers
YCM064 - Studying the influence of factors affecting purchase behaviour of customers towards Life Insurance products
YCM065 - Radio as a promotional tool an exploratory study
YCM066 - A study on customer satisfaction towards Ventura Pumps
YCM067 - A study on retailers satisfaction with special reference to Suguna poultry farm
YCM068 - A study on the consumer perception of HYUNDAI [Car Model] Cars
YCM069 - Impact of Brand Positioning on Consumer Learning/Brand Loyalty
YCM070 - A study on customer awareness towards health Insurance with reference with Care Health Insurance
YCM071 - Customer preference and satisfaction level towards their expectation with special reference to Yamaha motor bikes
YCM072 - A study on credit card users in [ABCD] city
YCM073 - A study on analysis of the customer satisfaction level towards landline service provided by BSNL
YCM074 - Advertising Strategy of the Indian Corporate World – LG Electronics
YCM075 - Customer satisfaction with reference to financial services in DJS Stock and Shares Ltd
YCM076 - A Market Study about Laser Toner
YCM077 - A study to evaluate the banking service provided to SME customers by ICICI Bank
YCM078 - Customer experience management in personal loan
YCM079 - Effectiveness of training and development with special reference to Voltas Limited
YCM080 - A comparative study on consumer behaviour about Colgate and Pepsodent paste
YCM081 - A study on traders perception and expectation towards Anchor electrical products in [city] (MBA Marketing)
YCM082 - A study on the effectiveness of services provided to private banking customers of [Bank] (MBA Marketing)
YCM083 - A study on customer’s expectations and satisfaction level towards after sales service provided at ABC Motors (MBA Marketing)

Latest YCMOU MBA Operations Projects
YCM084 - Management of Change in an Institution.
YCM085 - Management control system - a case study of FCI.
YCM086 - Performance Evaluation & Practices in a Professionally Managed Enterprise & a Family Run Enterprise - A Comparative Study.
YCM087 - Capital shutdown planning with PERT/CPM for a Refinery plant.
YCM088 - Management Control of Projects in Construction Industry.
YCM089 - Study on Project Scheduling
YCM090 - Study on Manufacturing strategy
YCM091 - Service Level Quality - standards, measures, monitoring and enhancing : an overview
YCM092 - Various Types of Material Handling System

Latest YCMOU MBA System /IT Projects
YCM093 - Management Information System in Banking Industry
YCM094 - Design of Personnel Information System for Indian Air Force.
YCM095 - A Study of Procurement Management System

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