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A study on investment pattern with special reference to small and medium capitalization companies (MBA Finance)

MBA Project Type: Finance

Project ID: 1136

Description: Investment is parting with one’s fund, to be used by another party, user of fund, for productive activity. It can mean giving an advance or loan or contributing to the equity (ownership capital) or debt capital of a corporate or non-corporate business unit. Generalized, investment means conversion of cash or money into a monetary asset or a claim on future money for a return. This return is for saving, parting with saving or liquidity and lastly for taking a risk involving the uncertainty about the actual return, time of waiting and cost of getting back funds, safety of funds, and risk of the variability of the return. The cornerstone of any investment strategy is to maximize the return while maintaining a tolerable risk. The process of allocating assets among several investment categories is a way of achieving the goal. Younger people can assume greater risk than one who is retired; a highly paid executive will be less dependent on current portfolio income than will a disabled person on workmen’s compensation and so forth.
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Can be used in: Finance

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