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Supply Chain Excellence future scenario - a case study (MBA - Supply Chain Management)


MBA Project Type: Supply Chain / Logistic

ID: 1161

Description: Logistics and supply chain management refer to the art of managing the flow of materials and products from source to user. The logistics system includes the total flow of materials, from the acquisition of raw materials to delivery of finished products to the ultimate users (as well as the related counter flows of information that both control and record material movement). Manufacturing planning and control refers to the management of materials through a manufacturing facility and generally involves raw-material inventory control, capacity planning, production scheduling, shop-floor control, work-in-process inventory control, and purchasing. Distribution refers to the combination activities and institutions associated with the advertising, sale, and physical transfer of products and services. It is concerned, therefore, with broader matters than logistics alone. Extended supply chain refers to the integrated set of activities completed by the full supply chain participants (suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers/customers, and consumers/end users). It effectively includes the supply chain activities of each player in the channel.

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