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Feasibility study on choice of transportation mode (MBA Operations)

MBA Project Type: Operations

Project ID: 1421

Description: Transport refers to the activity that facilitates physical movement of goods as well as individuals from one place to another. In business, it is considered as an auxiliary to trade, that means, it supports trade and industry in carrying raw materials to the place of production and distributing finished products for consumption. Individuals or business firms that engage themselves in such activities are called transporters. Generally, transporters carry raw material, finished products, passengers, etc. from one place to another. So it removes the distance barrier. Now-a-days goods produced at one place are readily available at distant places. People move freely throughout the world because of transport. It is associated with every step of our life. Without transport, we, as well as business units cannot move a single step. Let us discuss its importance. Across India, ground transportation is one of the most popular methods of moving freight. When it comes to ground freight, you have two options, Road or Rail. Rail and roads dominate the transport system in India, carrying about 95 per cent of the total freight traffic in the country. This study aims to identify the facilities and services offered by both the modes of transport. Moreover the preference of passengers over these two modes, the reasons behind that are also to be studied. As far as distance is concerned, those who travel for long distance may choose trains and those who travel short distance may choose buses. In spite, some passengers may stick on to the trains and some may stick on to the buses.
Project Report Pages: 64

Can be used in: Operations

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