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Emotional Intelligence and Quality of Work Life among employees of HCL-BPO (MBA HR)

MBA Project Type: HR

Project ID: 1013

Description: To effectively manage personal, social and environmental change by realistically and flexibly coping with the immediate situation, solving problems and making decisions as the need arise, one has to be both emotionally and socially intelligent. We need to manage emotions so that they work for us and not against us, and we need to be sufficiently optimistic, positive and self-motivated. Scientific research shows that EQ is more important than IQ in an organization to perform well and to achieve success in the organization, the entire career and life of a person. In fact, in an organization, IQ contributes only 20% where as EQ of a person may contribute up to 80% to succeed in an organization. IQ gets one the top position but EQ makes one a top person. This study measured the EI and QOWL among the employees of HCL-BPO, Greame’s road, Chennai. The measurement was done using scientifically designed, valid and published measurement method of EI and QOWL which has been accepted by the scientific community. The scores were then used to see whether there was any correlation between the two score from EI and QOWL. The result shows a very strong relationship between the two and adds credible evidence to the argument that EI influences QOWL very strongly
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