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A New Dimension in HRM: Cloud Computing (MBA HR)

MBA Project Type: HR

Project ID: 1523

Description: Cloud computing is the newest buzzword among consumers, academics, and businesses. Cloud computing is a managed infrastructure pool that is abstract, highly scalable, and capable of hosting applications for customers. It is charged according to usage. This computing model is thought to be essential for maintaining sustainability in an increasingly globalized market and gaining a competitive edge. In addition, cloud computing technologies are being used by HR managers for daily tasks such as quick decision-making, tracking applications, developing mobile human capital, improving flexibility, and searching resumes. However, there are also drawbacks to using cloud computing, including concerns about security, privacy, and data misuse as well as loss. By putting in place suitable authorization, validation, monitoring, filtering, and other measures, cloud computing challenges may be overcome and long-term sustainability in the global marketplace attained. Thus, collaboration of HR and cloud computing model will help in the enhancing the performance, innovativeness, and intellectual capital of an organization.
Project Report Pages: 65

Can be used in: HR

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