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Effectiveness of artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection process a study with reference to ICICI Bank

MBA Project Type: HR

Project ID: 1507

Description: Recruitment and selection are the basic functions of HR. This is because errors and mistakes that occur during the process can have a long-term impact on the entire organization. HR analytics enables companies to make better use of their employee databases to make better decisions and improve operational performance. The hiring process includes the following steps: screening, interviewing candidates and matching them to the right position for the company and selection. Artificial intelligence technology is widely used in this process. Among them, the biggest impact of artificial intelligence is to automatically select candidates and reduce suspicion. The system uses artificial intelligence to learn about the characteristics of successful employees for specific positions and uses this knowledge to select qualified candidates and determine qualifications and competency ratings among candidates. Many companies are using smart software to hire employees. And the biggest benefit of using artificial intelligence in recruitment is the reduction of recruitment costs by 100% and the efficiency of the process increases up to three times. ICICI Bank has adopted artificial intelligence (AI) as a recruitment and selection tool. It is interesting and significant to study the effect of application of AI in recruitment and selection process of ICICI Bank. This research is very relevant to the application of AI in various organizational sectors at the beginning. This research will provide important and new insights into the use of artificial intelligence in recruitment and selection.
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