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Work-Life Balance - need and imperative as an HR initiative

MBA Project Type: HR

Project ID: 1371

Description: There is a developing readiness in today's workplaces that employees don't surrender their lives only on the grounds that they work. Work and life remain the two most paramount areas in the life of a utilized single person. Even the working hours and schedule are the most crucial points of Work-Life Balance in the organization point of view, as they affect the mental health, physical health and well-being of employees. Long working hours and certain kind of shift schedules might be the cause of elevated risk for a range of mental and physical health problems. Further, a sense of inequity among employees affects their attitudes and behaviours, absenteeism, low motivation, lack of concern for the quality of products or services, with holding suggestions for improvements, lack of commitments may result. These attitudes and behaviours affect costs, productivity, profits of the organization. In this project, we battle that helping employees to accomplish a work-life balance ought to turn into a basic piece of HR policy and procedure in the event that it is to genuinely get the best from the organization's kin without abandoning them unsatisfied, worn out and unfulfilled.
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