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Importance of Consumer Buying Behaviour (MBA Marketing)


MBA Project Type: Marketing

ID: 1387

Description: The study of consumer buying behavior is the study of how individuals make decisions to spend their available resources (time, money, effort) on consumption related items. It includes the study of what they buy why they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, how often they buy it, and how often they use it. A consumers decision to buy a product or service is the result of interplay of many forces or stimuli. The starting point is the marketers stimuli in form of product offering through some promotional method, available at some outlets at a price. The marketing stimuli for the product includes locating target markets and segmentation of market as per the customers needs. The marketing and environmental stimuli enter the buyers mind through cultural, social personal and psychological factors. When the marketing and other stimuli come in contact with buyer, his decision process is initiated. A study done to understand the consumer buying behaviour of Mobile handsets in Mumbai City. A descriptive study is undertaken in order to ascertain and be able to describe the characteristics of the variable of interest in a situation.

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Can be used in: Marketing

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